Youth Passageways Forum FAQ


Why use our Forums?

  • Steward and Preserve our Collective Knowledge: So many of the ‘social networks’ are built for obsolescence, the conversations started get easily lost, and eventually deleted. By using our forums we can create a living archive of the many lineages, skill sets, and knowledge bases that comprise our diverse and dynamic network.
  • Build Relationships Through Common Ground: It’s pretty inevitable that anytime you get a bunch of people with shared interests in a common space, good things are bound to happen [with a little direction that is]. In our forums you will have the opportunity to engage on a uniquely level playing field with a growing network of supporters, practitioners, and communities.
  • Spark Inspiration and Seek Answers: Often when working through issues we can get too close to them, our forums when used as places to ask questions or read the thoughts of others can help break down or break through barriers. In addition you can begin to see others asking the same questions you are and even better, finding answers to those questions.
  • Leverage Technology: Use our common spaces to make use of what technology can offer our community, let’s create ways to make it work for us as a tool instead of being overshadowed, alienated, and isolated by it.
  • Support Trust & Transparency: Increase transparency across our network to foster credibility and trust which can build relationships that nudge us continuously closer to a common language.
  • Aggregate our Aims: Translate the data each of us has into content that is significant, relevant, and meaningful for our entire network and for broad metric based support field wide.

How to use our Forums?

  1. To comment or engage in any other way than simply viewing, you must first become a Youth Passageways partner [creating a username, etc] You can do so HERE.
  2. Once at the forum you’d like to engage with, you can either start a topic or reply to one.
  3. To stay apprised of the goings on of a particular forum simply head to the right of the title and click ‘subscribe.’
  4. To start a new topic simply fill out the boxes under the forum including topic title, body text, and click notify me via email if you’d like to know when someone replies.
  5. To reply to a thread simply click on a topic heading and fill out the comment text section and click notify me via email if you’d like to know when someone replies.

General Guidelines

  • Embody our values and ethics in your posts and replies,
  • Be active,
  • Engage the topic not the person,
  • Come from a place of service,
  • Provide value to the discussion,
  • And above all – please don’t spam.

Misconduct Policy

  • If a partner acts outside of these guidelines THE MODERATOR WILL CONTACT THE PARTNER TO DISCUSS & ATTEMPT TO RESOLVE IT we will first have a conversation about the issue towards resolution of it. If the problem persists, a formal warning will given. If the issue persists further, YOUTH PASSAGEWAYS MAY REVOKE PARTNERSHIP either temporarily or permanently which will be decided by the Leadership Circle after the forum moderator has brought the issue to them for a vote.
  • If a partner feels they have had their partnership unfairly suspended YOU CAN APPEAL IN WRITING TO THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE” To do so please use the contact us form and address the subject line “PARTNERSHIP APPEAL.”