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Weaving Earth

Sonoma, California, US

Weaving Earth [WE] provides nature-based programs & services that build connection, foster reciprocal relationships and cultivate the healthy development of whole people and communities.

Why do WE do it?

WE envision a human network competent in designing, tending to and regenerating healthy relationships at all levels and scales. WE believe that true reciprocal relationships support life to its fullest potential and, therefore, will foster the holistic health and vitality of individuals, communities, ecosystems and future generations. WE believe that this holistic vitality will bring us beyond a paradigm of separation and into a paradigm of connection. And we believe that a paradigm of connection is what is needed at this time.

Weaving Earth is part of a global web of individuals and organizations working toward a shared goal of co-creating a healthy, just, and vibrant future for all life. WE recognize that the wisdom, tools & technologies needed to move us in this direction already exist, however their implementation often breaks down at the human level. Our contribution at Weaving Earth focuses on the human piece of the puzzle, which in current times has come to believe itself to be separate from the rest of the whole. We aim to heal this paradigm of separation and foster the holistic reintegration of the human story with all life. In this way, all of our efforts at Weaving Earth are geared towards remembering where the human “peace” fits into the whole.

Our signature program is the “Weaving Earth Immersion,” a nine-month intensive integrating the following key components:

  • Deep Nature Connection
  • Tracking and Awareness
  • Bird Language
  • Art of Mentoring
  • Peacemaking
  • Tending the Wild
  • Applied Permaculture
  • Regenerative Community Design
  • Connection to Creative and Authentic Self-Expression

WE also offer shorter trainings in:

  • Permaculture
  • Bird Language
  • Leadership
  • Tracking and Awareness
  • Wilderness Immersion
  • Honoring Transitions
  • Kids Programs:
  • Nearly all of our offerings are kid and family friendly.
  • Wild Tenders


  • We offer a wide range of consulting and coaching, working to support individuals, families, businesses, schools, organizations and community initiatives

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