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Rites of Passage: A Creative Journey into Embodied Leadership

Brighton, East Sussex, GB

Rites of Passage is a Brighton (UK) based creative journey into leadership for young women. It is designed to develop the next generation of inspiring and insightful social leaders.

5 Rhythms dance and the expressive arts are used as core tools for professional and personal development, alongside training in effective communication, project management and extensive art based coaching to build personal awareness.

We work intensively over a 3 month period, developing each woman’s own style of embodied leadership and offering teaching and tools to find purpose and a sense of personal power that can serve society in some way. We will develop creativity, confidence and community.

Leadership can best be defined as influencing others and having an impact in the world- and this can take a myriad of forms. We encourage the women in moving towards working on, with, or for initiatives that serve society and the individuals within it in some way. We will support each other into finding our own personal passion and in moving towards offering work that reflects that, by creating concrete goals towards achieving our personal aims. Yes- dreaming and designing is important- yet action is actually where it’s at!

We will travel with 20 young women through this arts based “rites of passage” to mark the transition from youth into adulthood and in finding their own style of embodied and authentic leadership within the world.

There is powerful support in creating a strong community of same sex peers whom can understand our challenges and encourage us to be the best that we can be.

The Journey is open to young women age 20 – 27.

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