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Rite of Passage Journeys

Seattle, Washington, US

Rite of Passage Journeys, established in 1968, fosters self-discovery, community and connection with the natural world. Our mission is to mentor youth, adults, and elders through life transitions, initiating soulful leaders for the next generation. This not-for-profit organization provides intentional rites of passage experiences and rite of passage education. Our experiences take the form of guided wilderness retreats and adventures, while our education consists of consultation and training for schools, organizations, churches and individual leaders. We offer a variety of programs designed for children, teens, and adults. Journeys is admired nationwide for its solid integrity and commitment to soul-work that honors deep human values and the earth. The qualities our programs nurture enable us to more fully embrace the challenges and beauty of our collective experiences as well as our unique individual calling.

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A group of young men watch the sunset. Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington Cascades. Photo by DaveMoskowitz


Restoring Youth Rites of Passage: Two-Week Leadership Intensive

Ekone Ranch, Goldendale, WA. Begins and ends at Songaia Co-Housing, Bothell, WA | hosted by Rite of Passage Journeys
Step Boldly Into the World of Youth Initiation... [caption id="attachment_56113" align="aligncenter" width="437"] A group of young men watch the sunset. Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington Cascades.[/caption] Do you long to be of deep service to young people, future generations, and wholeness in our communities and Earth? To be a powerful guide and role model to youth in living a soulful life? To...


PO Box 27559
Seattle, Washington, US 98165