Please join Youth Passageways Flow Spiral!

Each of our partners is a gift to our community. We invite you to join with us, in whatever way is meaningful and accessible for you. 


Unless specified, gifts to Youth Passageways help to support the essential operations of the network. This includes unglamorous things like staff salaries, technology platforms we rely on every day like Zoom and Adobe, printed materials, and other basics that allow the network to function. 

Right now, these costs allow Youth Passageways to:

-Respond to COVID-19 by creating online spaces to emotionally and spirituality tend our partners, mobilize resources for our partners, and forge deeper partnerships for the long term.

-Build connections amongst and between young people, families, youth workers, cultural practitioners, organizers, educators, and community leaders 

-Amplify and uplift the work of our partners and their people, helping them to focus on serving their young people and communities.

-Provide training and skill-building for our partners and their people to culturally-rooted, spirit-led practices forward as part of cultural transformation

Youth Passageways is built around authentic relationships. We are growing as a network at the “speed of trust,”  (thank you adrienne maree brown for this phrase). Forging trust is a slow, ongoing process, due to the disparities of access to resources, health, and safety among our network partners, and historical attempts to sow seeds of division among peoples with common interests. Your gift allows us to go at the right pace, rather than pushing too fast, at the expense of relationships.

One thing you can definitely count on from Youth Passageways is to share with you what comes of your investment. Is an act of trust to give resources, whether they are time, energy, or money, and it’s important that we all know what becomes of our contributions!

Please give today, and be part of the collective movement to support the resurgence of healthy passages for young people into mature adulthood.



Ensuring that each young person has access to healthy passageways into adulthood requires a well-funded movement, where there are resources to sustain innovative and traditional practices and programs that are meeting young people where they are at. 

In order to grow this well-funded movement, one part of Youth Passageways’ work is being a part of the movement to shift the cultural narrative around money. 

We are guided by these questions: 

How can we, as a network, support each other right now?

How can we make use of this moment in human history to take our next steps as a community, network, and movement out of capitalism and toward economies of solidarity and reciprocity? 

How can we be part of the broader transformation toward life-supporting systems of regeneration and repair? 


In 2019, Youth Passageways created a working group dedicated to study the liberation of money and raise funds for YPW, inspired in many ways by our Guardians Gigi Coyle and Orland Bishop along with supporter and ally Krystyna Jurzykowski, as well as others helping to offer models of gifting, mutual-support, and reparations.

The mission of the group, playfully called the Rainbow Flow Force, is to mobilize resources on behalf of Youth Passageways in pursuit of the transformation of how capitalist culture thinks about money, breaking down the dams that lock away most of the world’s wealth, and helping it flow again for equitable nourishment. Kruti Parekh, Seth Lennon Weiner, Mads DeShazo, Marisa Taborga Byrne, Siri Gunnarson, Darcy Ottey, and Cameron Withey are the current Rainbow Flow Force (please reach out if you would like information on how to get involved!).

Simultaneously, both within Youth Passageways leadership and with key partners, the network has been exploring deeply transparent ways of navigating financial interdependence with limited resources. 

One ‘best practice’ we have found is to share stories about histories and relationships with money. Bringing transparency into this often taboo area can be liberating as well as build bridges of understanding. 


Current Steps

In the wake of COVID-19, YPW has been working on a multi-pronged response related to resource flow:

  • Continue efforts to provide economic stability for the basic network infrastructure
  • Continue collaborations, such as The FIRE Fellowship in partnership with The Ojai Foundation, based on financial transparency and shared fundraising efforts
  • Work, in direct, relational ways, to help redistribute resources from financially secure partners, who benefit from systemic injustice, to those struggling at this time
  • Host opportunities for collaboration among network partners to take steps toward deeper interdependence and mutual support. 

Now you know some of how Youth Passageways will move with any financial gift. Your funds will ripple through the network and beyond for cultural shift and transformational justice!

* Why the “Rainbow Flow Force?”

We are still learning about what this name means! We chose to name our working group for money this because: 1) it’s fun, and it’s important to have fun with thinking about and working with money and fundraising 2) the word “flow” reminds us that our task is to support the flow of resources to move to where they are needed to bring healing and justice to our communities, especially those that are most at the margins 3) rainbows keep appearing when we are doing our work together. As one of our members says, a rainbow is a relationship between light and water. We seek to support the flow of resources, and bring light and transparency to that flow. From flow and transparency come beauty.