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Rising Earth Immersion- Fall

| hosted by The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain
Cost: $10,000
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Rising Earth Transformative Permaculture Immersion

Radical transformation for yourself, your community, and your planet


We take a spiritual and holistic approach to social and environmental activism. We select a cohort of 12 change-makers, ages 18-28, to live at The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain and develop skills such as permaculture, homesteading, contemplative practice, somatic self-care, conscious communication, collaborative leadership and dynamic activism. Come, rise up!

Our curriculum was built for you to learn, grow and transform through your connections to the land, to community and to a deeper experience of yourself. Each week features a healthy balance of workshops, classes, collaborative projects, work in the garden, and mindful moments, all of which color in the daily rhythms of living in community on an organic farm. We engage a variety of modalities to ensure that your learning is relevant, responsive, and embodied. Learning is enriched by the mentorship of direct program facilitators as well as the wider, intergenerational community of lifelong learners at The Eco-Institute. In this way, you will be learning and working alongside individuals from all walks of life, not just those in your cohort.


  • You are considering a gap year or study abroad

  • You seek life-path navigation guidance

  • You care about environmental sustainability, social and ecological justice, and community living

  • You are excited about being a part of a diverse, engaging, and intergenerational community

  • You question your current path and are searching for an experience that will connect you more deeply with your authentic place in the world

  • You are committed to planetary healing by engaging in not only environmental action but also social, cultural, and spiritual transformation

  • You have a feeling you are being called to something greater than what dominant culture calls “success”

  • You are curious about living simply and close to the Earth

  • You are thoughtful, engaged, curious and ready for radical transformation

The Eco-Institute proudly recognizes diversity, solidarity, and allyship as critically important pieces of healing the human-Earth relationship. Read more about our commitment to inclusion.


The Eco-Institute has had the opportunity of providing significant scholarships in the past to make this program accessible for people in many financial circumstances. We prioritize scholarship for those who come from financial hardship, those who identify with historically marginalized social groups, and those whose engagement in the program will enhance our intentions for accessibility and inclusivity.


It is our joy to chat with you about the Rising Earth Immersion. Our FAQ page answers some questions we’ve received in the past that might be just the thing you were wondering about yourself.

And, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us:

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