Restoring youth Rites of Passage Advanced Leadership Intensive

| Goldendale, WA | hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
Cost: $1600 – $2800, SLIDING SCALE

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STEP BOLDLY into the World of Youth Initiation

Do you long to be of deep service to young people, future generations, and wholeness in our communities and Earth? To be a more powerful guide and role model to youth in living a soulful life?

This 11-day intensive offers a current and comprehensive framework and set of tools to soulfully mentor youth through rite of passage experiences, powerfully connect with your own personal gifts and ancestral inheritance, and begin building your niche in this culturetransforming work.

During this catalyzing, initiatory experience of your own, you will undertake a two-day solo vigil, train in theoretical and practical fundamentals for creating rite of passage experiences, explore the dynamics of power and privilege as they pertain to this work, and enjoy the companionship of a tight-knit group of people and beautiful land.

DARCY OTTEY has been involved with Journeys since her Coming of Age at age 13. She served as Director until 2011, and later helped birth the Youth Passageways network. An initiated EuropeanAmerican woman, Darcy currently consults with youth-serving organizations on topics related to rites of passage and social justice. She holds an M.A. in Environment and Community from Antioch.

DANIEL KIRCHHOF has guided rites of passage with Twin Eagles Wilderness School in ID, School of Lost Borders in CA, Cascadia Quest in OR, and for his own community in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness of MT. Together with his wife Alexia, Daniel lives and works on a suburban permaculture homestead called Hawthorn Farm in Woodinville, Washington.

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