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Queer Quest: Coming of Age | Ages 12 – 14

| hosted by Queer Odyssey
Contact: Jett Cazeaux & Rite of Passage Journeys
Cost: No one turned away for lack of funds, please inquire!
Queer Quest: full cost is $1975 (ages 12-14)
Queer Crossing: full cost is $1675 (ages 15-18)
We invite all interested applicants to pre-register today, and also encourage applications by QTBIPOC (queer, trans, black, Indigenous, and people of color).
Gear: Additional resources and gear loans are available.
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Wilderness Quests for Queer* Youth

Epic Journeys into Nature, Self and Community for LGBTQ2IA+, Gender Diverse, Queer & Trans Youth

Now in our third year, Rite of Passage Journeys continues to answer a community call to provide meaningful rites of passage for the Gender Diverse, Queer & Trans (LGBTQ2IA+) community in an inclusive, safe and healing way.

We welcome feedback and suggestions and strive to be a place you trust to best serve your needs and unique gift of Queerness.

Not the age group you are looking for? Want to develop a program for your organization or group of LGBTQ2IA+? Contact us for support in creating a contract course designed to meet your needs.

The dates of these two programs overlap and end on the same day. Journey’s intention is to provide opportunities for these groups of young people to come together, share stories, support and be in community with others on a similar journey and lived experience. The two groups will have the opportunity to meet on the trail, sit in council and be in a larger community in preparation for their solo experience. Then together again, widening the circle of community, with friends and family to celebrate their return on the final day.

Queer Quest: Coming of Age (12-14) and Queer Crossing (15-18) take our time-tested Mountain Quest for Young Men and Young Women, Fire on the Mountain and Solo Crossing trips, and redesign them to provide rite of passage experiences specifically for LGBTQ2IA+, Gender Diverse, Queer & Trans Youth (questioning or identified). Both of these journeys offer support, challenge and mentoring to youth as they explore nature with peers and Guides who share a similar lived experience. Through both facilitated and self-led explorations, youth will discover inner resources that allow them to claim identities, feel belonging, develop resiliency and offer their unique gifts to the world, supported and celebrated by a joyful and vibrant community.

Both of these trips center around a solo vigil experience, an overnight opportunity for the youth to be fully with themselves, to consider their unique callings and receive guidance from the wild world. Afterwards, youth will engage in mindful integration of their newfound skills and visions. Participants will return to basecamp in celebration of their journey and learnings, greeted by family, friends, mentors and community.

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*Here, we use “queer” as an inclusive term and an uplifting declaration. We acknowledge that the word “queer” has been used in the past as a derogatory term and is still hurtful to some in the LGBTQ2IA+ community. Many have reclaimed the word “queer” as an empowering and uniting expression of the many complex identities within the community.

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