Passageways Day 2018 Event

Passageways Day Online Gathering

| hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
Contact: Marisa Taborga Byrne 11 AM PST

This online gathering is a welcoming space for people to come together to share in the rites of passage work being done in these times. We are inviting people globally to engage in conversations about their own communities on how they honor and celebrate youth’s passage into adulthood, and how that honoring brings the whole community into a greater relationship.

The offerings of this call are:
~We will be exploring different resources of Youth Passageways so that this work may continue to grow and expand with the changing times and needs.
~We will be sharing about our gifts, offerings, and needs.
~We will be observing a minute of silence together at 12 pm PST, in union with those doing so around the world.

This online gathering will take place from 11-1pm PST, hosted by Marisa Taborga Byrne. All are welcome, for a moment or for the full length of time. Please reach out with any questions or other asks.

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