Passageways Day 2019 Event

Passageways Day – Boulder

| Boulder, CO | hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
Contact: Seth Rose 10 AM
Cost: free

A Morning Event focused on bringing together various groups and demographics that are uniquely positioned to engage with and in support of ROP experience, creating a space for these groups to learn their personal and niche role in ROP, brainstorm and expand horizon of how exactly, effectively, and accountably that group can engage in ROP, and formulate what each group needs from other members in the web, such that they may give to another member of the web.

This event will be structured with an introduction to ROP concepts and structures, a welcoming/unifying ceremony, presentation by Elders of Role of Elders, Land, Community, and Wisdom. Watch a quick video from Resource. After which we will be breaking into like-groups to discuss our roles and potential opportunities to engage in ROP and what resources we need to do so. 15-minute movement activity with a coffee break. Followed by a presentation of synthesis to the collective group.
After this we will have group listen to Youth Presentation of ROP values, followed by a minute of silence / honoring youth standing before the community. Closing with elders and discussion of further work and platforms of resource and continued dialogue/action.

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