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Queering Rites of Passage

| hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
Contact: Marisa Taborga Byrne 5:30- 7pm
Cost: By donation

QUEERING RITES OF PASSAGE: And the potency of Liminal Space for our LGBTQ2+ Gender & Sexually Diverse Community

Art credit: Micah Bazant, Trans Life and Liberation Art Series

In order to understand the importance of creating not only inclusivity, but also accessibility for the LGBTQ2+ Gender & Sexually Diverse community in current rites of passage programming and experiences, a basic understanding of the community is needed. We hope to support Youth Passageways & Partners now in the work of making their programs accessible as an intentional forethought, rather than an incidental afterthought.

This is the beginning of a conversation about how Youth Passageways and Partners serve the LGBTQ2+ Gender & Sexually Diverse community. You’ve checked the box “Trans-Friendly” or “Offerings for non-conforming gender roles”, now what? The intention is to explore and share our collective wisdom and personal insights with regard to best practices, language used in outreach & course descriptions. As well as, how we are preparing our staff in trainings for supporting in the field and beyond.



Personal Narrative: A Gender Odyssey by Jett Cazeaux 10/15

Youth on Fire by Melissa Michaels at Golden Bridge

Rite of Passage JourneysQueer Nature & School of Lost Borders – Drama Therapy

You can do a search on the YouthPassageways site for offerings and additional resources.

Additional thoughts from Jett – I am a resource. Please be in touch if you’d like to explore further.

Divine Siblinghood: Queer & Trans Quest & Facebook event with Golden Bridge, Boulder, CO July 12-13 scholarships available
Rite of Passage Journeys Queer Mountain Quest Olympic National Park, WA. Age 13-18 Aug. 11-21 No one turned away for lack of funds. Jett is Guiding & is happy to discuss further.
I’m interested in what kinds of resources groups need to hold a wilderness rite of initiation. I would like to provide resources, logistics, equipment, permits, locations, and such.  I can be reached at by email HERE or by visiting offers scholarships
Hotlum can offer retreat and wilderness experience on a donation basis.
From Micah: I would love to learn about any current offerings to share with clients, and especially if any of those have a sliding scale to make them more accessible
From Angus:  I know this often not possible due to logistics, but whenever possible I urge us to host staggered gender councils so that the girls, boys and queer/trans councils don’t overlap. sometimes I worry that having a queer council overlapping with a girls council creates an inauthentic split and makes invisible being queer and being a boy or being trans and being a girl.
From Angus: I know this often not possible due to logistics, but whenever possible I urge us to host staggered gender councils so that the girls, boys and queer/trans councils don’t overlap. sometimes I worry that having a queer council overlapping with a girls council creates an inauthentic split and makes invisible being queer and being a boy or being trans and being a girl.
Youth Passageways has adopted these principles to guide its operations.  It is our hope that this document may support affiliated organizations in creating their own working agreements, standards, and relations capable of addressing and caring for the needs that arise through their good work. This is a living document, which will be regularly updated.  Please submit feedback, comments, and stories about how this document is being used to:

Sexuality & Gender

We recognize the essential nature of sexuality and gender in the work of rites of passage, and openly explore the dynamics of masculinity, femininity, and queerness (as archetypal energies, social dynamics, and deep cultural wounds) in our work together. We recognize that binary thinking is a product of patriarchy and colonization, and seek to bring balance by honoring and making space for all genders inside and outside of this binary. We strive to create inclusive spaces where LGBTQIA+ folks (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, plus) feel seen, heard, recognized, and honored, and to recognize and mitigate our own privilege in order to create safe spaces to center the voices of those often marginalized.

Thank you again for joining us,



About the Presenters:

Jett Cazeaux

A Prescott College graduate in Ecopsychology, their work has employed them with such organizations as, Outward Bound, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Pacific Quest Horticultural Therapy and serving on the Stewardship Council of Youth Passageways. Jett has apprenticed with Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin and most recently Golden Bridge & Rite of Passage Journeys. Taking their cumulative knowledge, skills & wisdom on the road (& 7 seas) as Queer Odyssey-sharing their story and bringing visibility to using Rites of Passage as a map for navigating transitions in life at all stages of growth. Devoted ninja clown, gender outlaw & dancin’ Bodhisattva in service to their community. This determination, this healing process through lived experiences, is in large part accomplished by witnessing the youth of our times fierce determination to be visible through language and expression, gifting Jett the courage to be and do the same. Feeling their duty of care and loyalty to them as an Older to serve as a reflection of possibility, have their backs and be an Ancestor of their wildest dreams. More of Jett’s story can be found at

Clement Wilson

Clement is a graduate student of social work at Portland State University, a queer rite of passage guide and educator, and a member of Youth Passageways Stewardship Council. In their current position as a K-12 public school social work intern, they are focusing their practice and research on transgender and non-binary youth in the school system, and social-emotional learning for all students and staff. Clement has designed and facilitated interactive transgender and gender variant workshops for Oregon public school faculty and administration.

Dayvon Williams

Based out of Los Angeles, Dayvon is former foster youth and was incarcerated with a felony at age 18. He was sentenced a year sentence, but actually only spending 6-7 months in LA County Jail. Afterwards, he spent over a year looking for employment and got involved in helping the community. Dayvon landed at the Youth Justice Coalition, and began working with formerly incarcerated youth doing political and social justice work. Dayvon also was involved in acquiring from the Board of Supervisors $1 million to support former foster youth in the LGBTQ community. Dayvon now is attending Southwest Community College, serving on the Youth Passageways Stewardship Council as a Younger Wisdom Keeper, and volunteering at the Minority Aids Project. His dreams are to get a masters in social work, run a non-profit that promotes social justice, be a home owner and a leader in his community.

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