Passageways Day 2018 Event

Kansas City 2018 Passageways Day Potluck

| hosted by Make Trybe Center for Transformative Design
Contact: Dane Zahorsky 11:30 AM - 3 PM
Cost: Free

You are cordially invited to an afternoon of good food, community, and conversation!

In response to the call on behalf of Youth Passageways, Kansas City local youth workers, rite of passage facilitators and community leaders will share a meal, and discuss intergenerational community and working relationships in the metro.

The idea is to bring like-minded members of the community together to support, teach, and learn from each other face to face. And what better way to do that than to share a meal together? In the tradition of the communal pot-luck, we gladly invite you into good conversation about what makes our community flourish and what it needs to continue doing so far into the future. This tradition over the years has proven to be a breeding ground for local collaborations and has provided a strong support network for many valuable grass-roots initiatives.

Please join, and bring a dish made from local ingredients if you are able. And bring as many friends and acquaintances as you wish!

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