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iBme’s Teen and Young Adult Online Retreat (East)

| hosted by Inward Bound Mindfulness Education- iBme
Contact: Tom Rocco
Cost: Retreat tuition is from $50 – $750. It is on a sliding scale and based on family income to accommodate a wide range of families. The maximum fee reflects what it actually costs per student to run the retreat.
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Summer is coming up, and you miss your friends. A LOT. You’ve been stuck in your house for months, binge-watching videos on TikTok and listening to your little brothers scream at each other. All you wanna do is get out of the house, have fun + get some space. Good news – there’s an alternative!

Teen/YA Online Retreat (East) is an online immersion into mindfulness, community + being yourself.
Small groups. Meditation. Workshops. Online dance party!

You’ll learn tools to . . .
• Calm yourself down
• Be happy without always having reach out to other people
• Relax yourself when you’re in high stress situations
• Focus on you instead of worrying about what other people think
• Unpack and unravel what you’re feeling
• Compassionately guide yourself through transitions in your life
• Love yourself
• Understand how your mind works
• See the world from a different perspective

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