Youth Passageways Education and Consulting Collective

YPW Education and Consulting Collective now offers a collective of gifted educators, facilitators, and practitioners close to the center of Youth Passageways, helping youth, families, partners, organizers, educators, and the general public re-weave meaningful passageways deeply and equitably into the fabric of our communities.

Our Collective offers a range of areas for learning and growth, including wholistic sexuality, transformative justice, culturally-relevant ceremonial design, and more. We work in partnership with existing programs and organizations to tailor educational experiences for their clients or staff, as well as work one-on-one with individuals who are seeking individualized support. 

*please note, this project is still developing and we will update the web page on an ongoing basis. Check back for more info soon!

Who We Are

Our Collective are practitioners who dedicate themselves to fill the collective toolbox to help us navigate ever-shifting terrain of working with youth. We are comprised of skilled facilitators with decades of experience as rites of passage guides, educators, and facilitators. We are a diverse group of practitioners who hold a unique set of frameworks, cultural practices, and ancestral offerings, both intact and reimagined. 

What We Can Do Together

YPW co-creates sustaining pathways for our colleagues and comrades in the field by supporting guides, facilitators, and educators so they can offer their gifts abundantly to their communities and to the world. Our offerings include equity work in rites of passage practices, holistic sexuality, curriculum development, and other areas, all of which are embedded in and communicated through earth-based, anti-oppressive frameworks.

Formats vary depending on interest, from short evening storytelling presentations to multi-day field-based programs or workshops. Our offerings include the following, which will grow in time as our collective takes shape!

Partnership Programs

These are educational opportunities, including courses, experiences, workshops.

Who You Might Be:

      • YPW Partners 
      • Affiliated Groups
      • Youth-serving programs
      • Community groups

What’s Possible:


This is individual or organizational in person or online support 

Who You Might Be:

      • Individuals navigating personal transitions and/or seeking support
      • Person(s)  wanting to become a rites of passage guide
      • Individuals or groups that are looking to build a rites of passage offering
      • Individuals or groups that are looking to deepen their social justice work

What’s Possible:

      • One-on-one Mentorship
      • Organizational Development & Consulting

YPW Educational Opportunities: 

These are offerings that Youth Passageways is initiating independently, as a service to our partners.

Who You Might Be:

      • Current practitioners looking to learn new techniques or acquire skill sets offered by our partner base
      • Anyone interested in learning more about rites of passage, mentorship, transformational justice, etc  

What’s Possible:

      • Classes, events, courses, and workshops via our online events page 
      • Facilitators and practitioners who resonate with you and your work

Partial List of What We Have to Offer:

  • Transformative Justice
  • Wholistic Sexuality
  • Culturally-appropriate Ceremony And Ritual
  • Experiential Outdoor And Environmental Education
  • Fundraising And Financial Management
  • Race Relations, Social Justice, White Allyship, And The Ecology Of Power And Privilege
  • Council, Technology Of Participation, And Other Facilitation Techniques
  • Cultural Habitat Restoration
  • Intuitive Development And Spiritual Support
  • Ancestral Recovery
  • Right Relations In Rites Of Passage
  • Ceremonial Forms
  • Building Belonging For Folks Pushed To The Margins
  • Empowerment Through Earth-based Skill Shares
  • Cross-species Relationship Protocols/Building

What Now?

We believe that a different world is possible. Amidst these chaotic, rapidly changing times–full of suffering and violence–we see the seeds of a new world emerging each and every day through the ways that we work together and connect with our partners, learning about the work they’re doing in their local communities, as we build a stronger and broader coalition on behalf of our youth and our future generations.

Please reach out to Darcy Ottey for more information. Contact her at Darcy(at)