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Central to the work of the Education & Consulting Collective is aligning our efforts with broader movements to transform systems of money and power affecting our lives, our communities, and our planet today. Inspired by many & in particular, two of our Guardians Gigi Coyle and Orland Bishop, we seek to practice ways of working with resources that stand in contrast to an extractive, racialized capitalist system. These ways include solidarity economics, transformative economics, regenerative economics, and sacred economics

Working with Money Across Difference

There are many differences within our collective, as well as among the organizations we serve. We consciously look at means and circumstances to find exchanges that are equitable to all. 

  • We recognize that some cultures, lineages, individuals and practitioners do not believe in receiving money in exchange for ceremony or sacred teachings. We honor and respect that way. 
  • While we uplift practices moving toward a ‘gift economy,’ we also need to be able to operate within multiple cultural paradigms. We choose to use a sliding scale to be accessible for clients and practitioners, while also acknowledging that resources flow in many ways. 
  • We center reparations. (See our beliefs in the Who We Are Section)
  • We understand that not all will agree with our way with money and welcome dialogue and exchange in different ways.
  • We strive to host an interdependent system of mutual support and solidarity, recognizing that the inequities that exist between us are barriers to achieving our collective vision as a network, and we seek to address these barriers practically as well as socially and spiritually.



Our fees include a sliding scale of $600-1000 per facilitator/per day, or $100-200 sliding scale per facilitator/per hour.  Additionally we ask for travel, food and lodging costs to be covered (as needed).

With this ask, 

  • We are open to explore other forms of exchange beyond money, and endeavor to work relationally to support mutual interests.
  • We are committed to offering services at or below the cost of direct expenses for systemically oppressed communities, such as Black and Indigenous/First Nations communities.
  • We aim to pay our collective members and partners of color higher rates. They are often on the frontlines serving communities facing complex and immediate challenges, and it is a big ask for them to step out of that service to provide facilitation and teaching for others. In doing so, we support their home organizations and communities rather than drain their resources. 
  • We invite, but not require, organizations that are white- and middle- class led pay top rate, even if they are working hard to raise their own funds or are struggling financially. This financial responsibility will allow people of marginalized and systemically oppressed identities to receive reparations, mutual aid, and subsidized services; and ensures that we are able to compensate our BIPOC members well for their services outside of their direct communities.
  • We invite those who work with us to contribute to local indigenous peoples’ Land Tax (or other BIPOC led organizations) as a direct action of reparation.

Please reach out to us directly for guidance on how you can relate to our pay scale and beliefs.

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