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Youth Passageways is dedicated to offering as wide an array of current events as we can, from wilderness vision fasts, to mentorship programs in urban schools, and trainings and gatherings of and for practitioners from around the world. In connecting you as a supporter or practitioner to the work happening right now, we hope to continue to forge the strongest bonds possible to keep the momentum of initiatory practices and the well-being of our youth as present as possible.

We update our calendar bi-monthly. Do you have a question about an event or experience? Contact Us. Or if you’re a practitioner who’s not yet a partner, considering Becoming a Partner, and get your events to a wider audience!

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Restoring youth Rites of Passage Advanced Leadership Intensive

Goldendale, WA | hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
STEP BOLDLY into the World of Youth Initiation Do you long to be of deep service to young people, future generations, and wholeness in our communities and Earth? To be a more powerful guide and role model to youth in living a soulful life? This 11-day intensive offers a current and comprehensive framework and set of tools to soulfully mentor...


Coyote’s Conference

Santa Cruz area, CA | hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
Join us for the 4th annual Coyote's Conference West coast conference for Directors, Administrators, Program Leaders, Instructors, and Associates of nature connection and wilderness skill schools for youth. Hosted by Earth Skills Alliance 2020 Organizers: Vilda Wilderness School, Reikes Nature, Gaia Girls, 4 Elements Earth Education   Who We Are We are a collective of Directors, Program Leaders and Instructors...