Core Values

Diversity and Unity  

  • Welcoming and inclusive, actively embracing and exploring differences and similarities
  • Honoring traditional and modern ways
  • Ambassador/translator role – operating in multiple worlds simultaneously, fostering bridge-building
  • Balancing the masculine, feminine, genderqueer, and transgendered perspectives.

Healing the Web of Life

  • Listening for marginalized voices
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Social justice
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Respect for cultural protocols

Healthy Family

  • Recognition of our essential humanity
  • Staying in relationship even through challenges
  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Forgiveness
  • Intergenerational

Visionary Leadership

  • Evolving, fluid roles
  • Individual and collective responsiveness to changing needs
  • Collaborative decision-making while empowering forward movement
  • Attentive to process:  recognizing that the way we do things is as important as what we do
  • Transparent flow of communication between center and periphery
  • Cultivating inspiration


  • Attentive to all aspects of the human being:  soul, mind, heart, body and spirit
  • Rites of passage, in their fullest manifestation, require grounding in community

Relationship with Time and Place

  • Awareness of the relationship between local and global communities
  • Attentive to what arises out of the specific time and place
  • Responsive to historical context
  • Bridging the past and the future

Cross-Cultural Protocols

Youth Passageways has collaboratively developed and adopted a set of Cross-Cultural Protocols in Rites of Passage to guide its operations, and support others in creating their own working agreements. You can view them HERE