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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Motivated by Wisdom

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Rites of passage ceremonially mark significant life transitions. These ritualized events usher the initiate’s journey into the next life stage and tend to their relationship with Self, community, culture, and more.
Calistoga, CA, USA


Calistoga, CA, USA

Why does it MATTER?

Rites of Passage matter because of what they can do: in the lives of young people, in our own lives, and in our communities. They have the power to help young people thrive in the 21st century.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Street Poets

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Youth Passageways needs your help! You can increase the availability of rites of passage for young people around the world by learning more, making a gift, volunteering, and/or advocating.

When we talk about rites of passage we mean a time when we recognize and see young people for the beauty they bring into the world. The rite is to get them to wake up to their own dream, their own story.

Luis J. Rodriguez Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural & Bookstore

Rites of passage are a cultural antihistamine that prevents children and young people from having an allergic reaction to a socially toxic environment.

Paul Hill, Jr. The National Rites of Passage Institute, Cleveland, OH

Rites of passage reach deeply into the hearts of human beings and help people and communities thrive, rather than just survive.

Edith Kusnic, Community Elder, Seattle, WA

Although it takes a whole village to raise a child, it takes the struggles of youth to raise the village.

Michael Meade Mosaic Voices Multicultural Foundation, Seattle, WA

My belief is that every teen, deep in their bones, knows they deserve healthy, not destructive, rites of passage and mature adult mentorship.

Frederick Marx Warrior Films, Oakland, CA

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What’s Happening?

A Message to the Network from Kruti Parekh

Youth Passageways,

  Dear Youth Passageways Community, my Spiritual Family, It’s with so much love, gratitude and continued partnership that I share some important news.  During this year’s Stewardship Council (SC) Retreat (annual gathering for the warriors and vision keepers of Youth Passageways (YPW)), so beautifully held by our staff and SC members, I stepped down as […]

Launching of the ECC, Summer Caucus Series, White Folx Accountability Space, FIRE Fellowship & Solidarity Fund

Youth Passageways,

This summer, after a year and a half of incubation and preparation, Youth Passageways launched an Education and Consulting Collective (ECC). This small and growing circle of educators, facilitators, and practitioners close to the center of Youth Passageways have been working together in various configurations for years, and are now publicly offering their services through […]

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Quest for Fire (Boys 12-15)

26788 Highland RD NE Kingston, WA 98346 | hosted by WildWise School
Quest for Fire is a two week, indigenous led, boys Rite of Passage into young manhood through a Wilderness Immersion Journey through the Olympic Mountains. A Rite of Passage marks the beginning of a point of transformation. Coming of Age Rites have been used in cultures all around the globe since time immemorial and are a foundational element of healthy...