Passageways Day 2017: An International Day of Reflection & Dialogue

This October 14th, join folks from around the world in setting time aside to reflect on and discuss how we’re marking, supporting, and celebrating our young people’s passage into adulthood, and how that marking brings us into greater relationship with ourselves, our communities, and the world we live in!

Passageways Day is one day each year on which we’re asking not only our partners but just as importantly, those new to rites of passage, to come together in reflection & dialogue. Because our lives are often about doing as much as we can as quickly as possible, what we propose is not a day of action, but a day of slowing down and of dreaming into the big questions with open minds and open hearts.

YPW believes that no matter what modern challenge we’re talking about, from climate change to systemic inequality, the solution begins with our youth. So we invite you to come together: you practitioners, mentors, teachers, and clinicians; you parents, priests, and business owners; you birds, bees, and antelope, because it will take ALL beings, in relationship with each other to repopulate our villages. And although that dream is a global one, it starts, as all things do, at your doorstep, in your garden, community center, school, church, synagogue, mosque, YMCA, or business.

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We invite you to share their plans for the Passageways Day by registering your event and getting it on our map! Whether 2 people in your living or 2000 in an amphitheater, Passageways Day events will look however they need to. Please take a moment, head to the link below and fill out the form to join your efforts to the cause!


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View Our Video Resources Page

Already have an idea of what you want to do but looking for something that folks can watch to start the conversation? Click below to see some great videos from our partners!

Download our 1-page Toolkit For Passageways Day Event Ideas

We made this 1-page toolkit for folks who may already have some ideas but just want to brainstorm a bit and find out what the options are and as something that can be shared to folks you may know.

Click on the image below and take advantage of our quick tips and event ideas for hosting your Passageways Day Event!

Or Download our Full Information, Planning, & Facilitation Packet

We designed this packet to be as helpful to someone unfamiliar with rites of passage or Youth Passageways in planning, organizing and facilitating your event as a seasoned practitioner.

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Passageways Day Events Map:

Take a look at some of the events being hosted around the world, if you’re local to an event, each listing includes a way to RSVP as well!

Questions? Talk to Someone About Hosting

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