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Springhouse Community School

Floyd, Virginia, US

To provide an environment in which students can achieve healthy individuation, establish a sense of belonging, and prepare for young adulthood which includes preparation for college, career, or other options students may pursue. The elements of this environment include the following:

  • Self-directed, project-based learning opportunities
  • Mentoring relationships
  • Adults who embody the mission of the school
  • Opportunities to establish a strong connection to place
  • Support in the transition out of childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood

Project-Based Learning
At SCS, students learn through projects, projects that may be self-directed, group-organized, or led by a mentor. Students are also offered project-based classes that allow them to strengthen their core academic skills in critical areas such as math, sciences, reading, writing, and foreign language. At SCS we are guided by the EdVisions Model where students are encouraged to construct their own learning in an environment that values curiosity, perseverance, and innovation which leads to authentic learning and growth.

Fostering Connection to Self, Community, and Earth
SCS deeply values community. Through hands-on, place-based learning experiences, students develop stronger ties to their community, an appreciation for the natural world, and a heightened commitment to serving the world around them.

Marking and Honoring the Transitions of Youth and Young Adulthood
We celebrate the threshold that a young person crosses, both out of childhood and into adolescence and young adulthood. SCS also supports the young person and their families as they deal with the complexities and challenges of this time, and engages as a community in the exploration of what it means to be prepared for young adulthood.

Organizational Information

Age range

  • All ages


188A EcoVillage Trail
Floyd, Virginia, US 24091