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Fire & Flower: Girls Rite of Passage Program

Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Fire & Flower is a coming-of-age rite of passage program for girls ages 12-14 starting this May in Vancouver. The 4-month program will provide a meaningful and wholistic transition into young womanhood through positive relationships, ceremony, and connection to nature. The girls will build confidence and pride in being young women, gain valuable friendships, experience a transformational coming-of-age ceremony, and have continued mentoring & support during and after the program.
Rites of passage are community events. They are created by the community, for the community. We have an amazing and diverse team of women ready to provide long-term, one-on-one mentorship for the girls. Together we will create a strong and safe container to explore topics such as body image, relationships, empowerment, sexuality, personal fears, etc. Personal reflections will be anchored and embodied through art, movement, challenge, time in nature, and belonging to the group.
If you would simply like to donate to the project, you’re awesome! We are raising funds to help families who need financial assistance and to cover start-up costs. Thank you for your generosity. Please click here or go to

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Girls Empowerment Program – Spring Break

3250 West 36th Ave & Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver BC | hosted by Fire & Flower: Girls Rite of Passage Program
Incredible depth & connection with 2 facilitators for only 12 girls. Spend 5 days having tons of fun, feeling awesome in who you are, and learning about young womanhood. Together we build positive friendships, celebrate each other’s strengths, and get outside into beautiful nature. We’ll explore topics such as healthy body image, menstruation, media literacy and sexuality, all balanced with...


1672 10th Ave E
Vancouver, British Columbia, CA V5K 0A1