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Virginia Teen Retreat

| Serenity Ridge Retreat Center, Shipman, VA | hosted by Inward Bound Mindfulness Education- iBme
Contact: Em Morrison
Cost: Tuition is 1% of annual family income, up to $2000.
A nonrefundable application fee of $35 is required and applied toward your tuition.
We have never turned away a teen for lack of funds.
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A Unique and Valuable Experience for Teens

Our multi-day retreats are designed to teach teens & young adults mindfulness, awareness, and concentration practices that are proven to support emotional health and wellbeing.

Through guided mindfulness meditation, small group discussions, and mindful movement exercises, participants learn skills that will empower them for a lifetime:

  • How to settle a busy mind
  • Focusing and sustaining attention
  • Learning to be aware of our emotions and thoughts, and managing them skillfully
  • Practicing compassion for others and oneself
  • How to get along with others
  • Building positive relationships with friends and family
  • Developing important character traits such as resilience, empathy, and open-mindedness
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