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Ritual and Routine: A Dialogue on the Tension Between Doing & Being

| Boulder Colorado | hosted by Youth Passageways Extended Community
Contact: Dane Zahorsky

Ritual and Routine: A Dialogue on the Tension Between Doing & Being

It’s no coincidence we often use the word ‘calling’ to describe what has led many of us to do transformational work. Some of us are blessed to work alongside intentionally organized communities with initiated peers and mentors; others work in relative isolation. Whatever the case, a hallmark of this field is the giving over of oneself to the emotional and interpersonal energy required to create a container that can truly hold what it needs to. In so doing, there often arises a tension between the effort that goes into holding ritual and ceremony for others, and how it shows up in our daily lives, as individuals, parents, or community members.

Further still, in these times, the pressure of linear, deadline-driven relationships, feelings of constant overwhelm, and the malaise that results from media oversaturation can leave us disenchanted. It’s easy to put the work first and quietly ignore the disparity between what we advocate for in others, and how we practice it ourselves.

That work could be something as simple as a meal blessing or as complex as raising our own children within the initiatory traditions we work so hard to foster in the wider world. Either way, the challenge of being with our work while also doing it is a fundamental part of learning to be nourished by, not just practitioners of, transformational experience.

Join YPW Stewardship Council member Ramon Parish and YPW Director/Broom Pusher Dane Zahorsky for an interactive panel discussion in which they offer some of their personal experiences, lay out a bit of what they’ve found, and then open things up for a council-style dialogue

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About Ramon Parish

Ramon Parish M.A. serves as an instructor at Naropa University where he welcomes 1st-year students into inspired adulthood and all students to deepen into civic engagement, contemplative practice and environmental justice. For the past decade, he has studied under and helped lead the international movement-based rites of passage youth leadership program, Surfing the Creative with the founder, Melissa Michaels in Boulder, Colorado. It is as a student of her SomaSource® maps that he first encountered the language of initiation and the centrality of ceremony and embodiment to education and the coming of age processes of youth.


About Dane Zahorsky

Dane has been exploring the spirit of creativity, identity, and community for over a decade. He has worked as an artist, counselor, guide, and teacher in Midwest communities and those as far off as the Big Island of Hawaii, Beijing, Guatemala, and Roma. His focus has been on the research and design of systems for physical, mental, and emotionally sustainable living with an emphasis on rites of passage and ceremony as integrated with Eastern and Western thought. Creative agency under rides everything he does.

In 2006 he founded the community initiative Motuv [Movement of the Unified Voice] with colleagues in Beijing and San Francisco, rooted in re-enlivening face to face interaction free of alcohol or screens while fostering intercultural skill sharing and dialog called Sustainability Sundays. Coming out of the many relationships built through these gatherings he went on to co-found Lantern Journal, a web based interdisciplinary arts, literary, and philosophy journal towards the creation of accessible academic space.

As his focus has evolved towards the transformative, he’s worked in direct care with clients and their families, as well as created and implemented comprehensive programming and curricula from the ground up alongside and in collaboration with clinicians for institutions and organizations such as Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy, Warrior Films, and, The Kansas City Academy. In 2014 he became the Assistant Coordinator for Youth Passageways, an international organization working to broaden the scope and support of youth initiation and interdependent community across generations.

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