Passageways Day 2018 Event

Registration Open Now for Gaia Girls Spring and Summer Programs! Early Bird Registration Ends March 1

| Bay Area, California | hosted by Gaia Girls Passages
Contact: Alisa Healy (650) 799-2063
Cost: Tuition depends on the program. Early Bird Discounts end January 15th for Spring and March 1st for Summer. Scholarships and payment plans available!
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Gaia Girls Passages provides circles of support, inspiration, and empowerment through nature-based girls groups, summer camps, and individual rite of passage ceremonies for females ages 5-18 and their mothers (or female care-givers) in the Bay Area of California. Gaia Girls helps young girls grow confidence, voice, and leadership by providing a vibrant inter-generational community that supports girls through the changes from childhood into adolescence through connection to the natural world.



  • Wildflowers Grades 2-3, Thursday afternoon in Codornices Park, MARCH 1-JUNE 30
  • Peninsula Wildflowers Groups (registration coming soon)


Young girls will explore the magical realms of nature by using play, story, and music to meet plants and track animals, build fairy homes, make nature-based crafts, and learn beginning wilderness survival skills. Nature exploration is woven with stories and music revolving around girls, earth-care, connection, and play.

Artemis Wilderness Village provides an inter-generational female community, nature connection, campfires, theater, singing, crafting, survival skills, outdoor adventure, and more. Each age group has their own beautiful campground, surrounded by Oak and Redwood. Our days are spent on the land, swimming in the lake, and around the campfire at night.

This camp is for girls who are curious about plant medicine. Girls will learn the basics of herbal medicine making, plant lore, and how to treat common ailments with local herbs. They will make their own herbal medicines from local plants to bring home.

Backpacking Trips for Teens:

Gaia Girl’s back country immersions include backpacking, swimming in alpine lakes, wild plant ID, tracking animals, leadership and self-awareness skills. Feel the aliveness of being in these vast landscapes, and come home feeling more connected to yourself, a group of amazing girls and women, and the land! 

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