Youth Passageways 2017 Workshop Series

The Youth Passageways 2017 Workshop Series is designed to offer a window into concepts and skills that can help our partner base expand and maintain the way they hold their work. This series is designed and facilitated by partners for partners and will expand over the coming months and years. Below you will find the 2017 webinar offerings. To learn more, view the recordings & resources, simply click on the webinar and follow the prompts.

Currency and Ceremony: Funding and Rites of Passage in Transition Times

Money can be a tricky thing. For many devoted to affecting change in the lives of young people, in communities, and in society as a whole, questions of legitimacy and funding are perpetually at the forefront. What to charge for programs, how to tell the story of one’s work in a way that inspires donors, and the right budgetary proportion of both, are not simple questions. They bring forth deeply held beliefs and values and can evoke strong emotions and even conflict. Doing one’s work in today’s economic paradigm can prove deeply frustrating and sometimes even impossible. As a collective movement, mobilizing resources on behalf of our young people is a talent we must cultivate, one often complicated by widely held assumptions about money that ultimately undermine the vision we share.

More Workshops coming soon!